Journey studies!

Its been a long time since last post. Hmm. Guess what guys? The trully is, there a lot thing i've been through around this year (2017) . Dont you know? I get a better result in pt3 and i end up my life in science+drawing class (act its grafik komunikasi teknologi)  and p/s its not biologi class. Srs its really nice. Yes its really nice and slowly its killing me when i dont give full attention in class 😅 *stupid me. Hahahhahahahahah. At first, semuanya hancur dan tergantung sepi krik krik. And my result get better and better in the latest exam *except addmath . Pity me hmm. But i promise that i can get a better result in spm! Yas yas yass and that killing me too hahahahahahahaa. So i wish the best luck for all spm candidates for this year (2017) and my batch next year ! Much love xoxo.

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